Hoffmann & Hoffmann

Hoffmann & Hoffmann from Pobershau in the Erzgebirge: Quadratlatschen - unique figures of the Erzgebirgischen people art

The Erzgebirge folk art is widely known for its festive Christmas and Easter decorations, nutcrackers and smoking men. But it has more to offer than just seasonal ornaments. The family business Hoffmann & Hoffmann from Pobershau brings its very own creativity to this traditional art form with its lovingly handcrafted "Quadratlatschen".

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What Are Square Slippers? The charm of the special

The so-called "Square slippers" are small, charming figures, standing on strikingly large feet. Each of these figures is unique and reflects a wide variety of characters. It is precisely this unusual proportion, that makes the charm of this folk art.

Seasonal and year-round joy: Variety of characters

At Christmas, figures such as the Lichterbergmann, Santa Claus or the Archangel delight the hearts. At Easter, small bunnies in the shape of square lattices bring the Easter eggs. And the whole year over further characters such as fireman, Babajaga or clown Ferdinand animate the everyday life.the variety is nearly unlimited and provides for all-season joy.

Attention to detail: Fingertip feeling required

The square slippers are more than just figures; they are true works of art. They come with a set of accessories, which is painted and glued by hand.Every detail requires the utmost precision and craftsmanship, which can only be achieved through years of experience.

Wo Kann Man Quadratlatschen Kaufen?

You are interested in these unique works of art? Square slippers are available at seiffen.com by Nestler. There you will find a wide selection of these charming figures, which you can order directly to your home.

Our conclusion: Square slippers - An enrichment of Erzgebirge folk art

The square slippers from Hoffmann & Hoffmann from Pobershau are an excellent example, of how traditional craftsmanship can always be enriched by innovation and creativity. Whether as a seasonal decoration or as a year-round enrichment of your home, these figures are a must-have for every lover of Erzgebirge folk art.

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