Taulin folk art from Oberwiesenthal: candle arches and window pictures from the Ore Mountains

Situated at the foot of the Fichtelberg, the highest elevation in the Ore Mountains, the company run by Katja Taulin produces mainly candle arches and window pictures.

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In the heart of the Ore Mountains: Traditional craftsmanship meets innovation

The landmark of the company Taulin is a typical Schwarzenberger Schwibbogen with 11 candles and indirect lighting.

Over 30 years of expertise: Candle arches and light arch production since 1990

The indirect lighting of the candle arches gives them a very special charm. Through the use of lamps in the base of the arches creates a unique play of light, which makes the various motifs appear in a warm glow. But also classic Schwibbögen find their place in the range.

Variety in design: Candle arches in a new style

The choice of motifs at Taulin knows almost no bounds. Whether the birth of Christ, Seiffen church or feeding game - everyone will find what they are looking for here. The company even goes one step further and offers modern interpretations of the traditional arch form. Gothic arches, round arches and pointed arches are lovingly assembled by hand.

Technical sophistication: Cooperation implements resourceful ideas

In addition to traditional woodwork, Taulin also has a specialty to offer in the form of patented airbrush work. This allows the articles to shine in different colors. In cooperation with glassblowers from Lauscha in Thuringia, mouth-blown glass balls are incorporated into the works of art. This combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology testifies to a wealth of ideas, that is unparalleled.

Dekoideen für's ganze Jahr: More than just Christmas decorations

The versatile wall-and window pictures of Taulin are suitable not only for the Christmas season. Who decides on these products,receives the whole year over wonderful decoration possibilities for the home. And all of this, of course, in original Erzgebirge craftsmanship.

Our conclusion: Taulin folk art - where Erzgebirge tradition meets modern art

Taulin folk art from Oberwiesenthal in the Erzgebirge offers an impressive range of candle arches, window pictures and other wooden works of art. Emphasis is always placed on the highest quality and attention to detail. Who chooses Taulin, brings a piece of Erzgebirge tradition with a modern twist in his home.

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