Holzdrechslerei Lahl

Holzdrechslerei Lahl from Deutschneudorf in the Ore Mountains: Handmade smokehouses with attention to detail

In the idyllic border village Deutschneudorf, close to the famous Seiffen, you will find the wood turnery Lahl. Under the masterful direction of Andreas Lahl, Erzgebirge folk art articles are created here, which captivate with their uniqueness and attention to detail.

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craft with tradition and uniqueness

Andreas Lahl creates with his hands true works of art. Each of his products is unique, which is lovingly handmade. He combines modern craftsmanship with the traditions of the Erzgebirge.

Smoking houses: Where mysticism meets craftsmanship

A special highlight of the range are the smoking witch houses. These small works of art fascinate with their mystical aura and the meticulous details, that can be found in each carving. The incense houses are not only eye-catching, but also exude a pleasant fragrance, that enriches the atmosphere of any room.

Fairytale collaboration with Romy Thiel

The collaboration with Romy Thiel results in particularly endearing creations. The combination of Andreas Lahls smoke houses with the Romy Thiel figure witch lets the fantasy dive into the world of the fairy tale "Father Frost - Adventures in the Enchanted Forest".

Customer-oriented and creative

Andreas Lahl demonstrates not only craftsmanship, but also an excellent sense of the wishes of his customers. Individual productions and special requests are therefore welcome.

Where to buy the artwork

The handmade unique pieces of Andreas Lahl are available directly in his manufactory. Who is therefore once in the vicinity of Deutschneudorf, should not miss it,to look over the shoulder of the artist and be convinced of the quality and attention to detail.

Our conclusion: Holzdrechslerei Lahl - A synonym for Erzgebirgische craftsmanship

With his unique smoke houses Andreas Lahl sets new standards in the Erzgebirgische folk art. They combine traditional craftsmanship with individual creativity and are a must-have for all lovers of this special art form.

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