Jürgen Huss Räucherkerzenherstellung

Jürgen Huss: Meister der Räucherkerzen aus dem Erzgebirge

The company Jürgen Huss, located in the idyllic Neudorf in the Ore Mountains, is considered one of the leading manufactures for the production of incense candles, which are known in the region as "Weihrichkarzle". These small black scented cones are an integral part of the Erzgebirge Christmas tradition and delight lovers of both traditional and modern aromas with their subtle scents.

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Natural. Black. Good. - The uniqueness of Huss incense candles

What makes Jürgen Huss incense candles special is their consistent black coloration and their subtle, less smoky scent.Unlike other producers like KNOX, Huss offers a wide range of scents, from traditional ones like incense and fir scent to exotic ones like lavender and citrus. The "naturals" emit scents made from natural fragrances, while the "intensives" are made from nature - identical substances.

tradition meets modernity: variance in scent and design

The variety of fragrances allows customers, to choose from different scents and thus many tastes are catered for. Jürgen Huss preserves the traditions and artisan heritage, but also goes innovative ways. Thus, in addition to the traditional incense, modern designed incense burners made of fine sheet metal and opportunities for interested, in the show workshop "Zum Weihrichkarzl" even produce incense.

Quality and experience since 1928

The high quality and variety of incense from Jürgen Huss are the result of years of experience and craftsmanship, which has been passed down from generation to generation since 1928. The nicest compliment for the Huss family: "They smell like they used to."

Our conclusion: Jürgen Huss - A synonym for Erzgebirge incense culture

Jürgen Huss stands not only for handmade incense candles from the Ore Mountains, but also for the preservation of traditions and the continuous development of new products and fragrances. Who is looking for authentic and high quality incense candles, will find at Jürgen Huss.

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