Manufaktur Merten

Manufaktur Merten: High quality smoking men from the Erzgebirge

Tradition meets innovation:
For over 35 years, the Merten manufactory from Seiffen in the Ore Mountains has been delighting customers with its unique incense smokers and other handicraft products. Founded by graduate designer Klaus Merten, the family business focuses on quality, tradition and creativity.

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Authenticity and professional diversity: Seiffen originals

The manufactory produces incense smokers, which are reminiscent of historical Seiffen models. From miners to carpenters to glassmakers - the handmade figures represent a variety of professions and are characterized by excellent quality.

Unique glazing technique: The special in detail

A special highlight of the manufactory are the nutcrackers, which stand out from other products by a special glazing technique. This technique emphasizes the natural grain of the wood and makes each figure unique. In addition, the nutcrackers are manufactured exclusively in a size of 70 cm, to emphasize their unique selling point.

Awards: Quality, that convinces

Klaus Merten was honored in 1998 for his outstanding work with the "Tradition and Form" award from the Association of Erzgebirge Craftsmen and Toy Manufacturers. This high standard of quality is continued today by Matthias and Birgit Merten.

Klapperpuppen: A piece of Erzgebirge culture

In addition to the smoking men and nutcrackers, the manufactory also produces "Klapperpuppen" ,which are an important part of the Seiffen toy tradition. These dolls are not only a charming decorative element, but also a testimony to the Erzgebirge craftsmanship.

Our conclusion: A piece of tradition for your home

The manufactory Merten from Seiffen offers artfully crafted smoking men and other Erzgebirge folk art products, which combine tradition and craftsmanship at the highest level. A true piece of Erzgebirge, that should not be missing in any household.

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