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Chip trees from Seiffen in the Erzgebirge: A masterpiece of Erzgebirge folk art

Immerse yourself in the world of hand-engraved chip trees from Seiffen and discover how the tree engravers transform the old miner's technique into wonderful works of art.

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What is chip tree engraving? A craft from the Erzgebirge

Chip tree engraving is an art, that developed from an old miner's technique. Originally, thick chips of wood were cut, to fire the stove. But from this simple technique has emerged a fascinating art form, that is highly valued in the Erzgebirge. If you have ever wondered, "What is chip tree carving?", then the chip tree carvers in Seiffen provide the perfect answer.

tree engravers: The masters of chip tree engraving

The tree engraver is a craftsman, who has mastered the art of chip tree engraving to perfection. In the Erzgebirge folk art companies, the tree cutters make chip trees in various sizes, from small 4 cm specimens to impressive 150 cm trees. Cutting a chip tree requires not only skill, but also years of practice.

The process: Turned basswood and dexterity

A chip tree is created from a turned basswood blank. Around it, increasingly larger chips are cut, ending at the top of the tree. A thin metal pin is used to shape the fine lugs. This process requires a great deal of dexterity and enthusiasm for the craft.

Storage and care: Keeping your chip trees shining for a long time

Since the hand-stitched chip trees are very delicate, their proper storage is of great importance. They should be stored individually and safely packed, to preserve their shape and beauty. Especially during the Christmas season they delight as individual pieces or components of candle arches, pyramids and candle holders.

Traditional crafts: The chip tree engravers and the Erzgebirge folk art

It is an art, which the tree engravers have learned and which is practiced only around Seiffen. The Seiffen chip tree engravers are among the few masters of this craft and preserves the Erzgebirge tradition in his work.

Our conclusion: chip tree store on SEIFFEN.COM - Where tradition meets quality

Whether as a unique gift or as a decorative element in your Christmas decorations, the hand-engraved chip trees from Seiffen offer quality and tradition in one. Visit the chip tree store on SEIFFEN.COM and let yourself be enchanted by this impressive Erzgebirge folk art.

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