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Candle arch Seiffen village with Romy Thiel children and 2-fold lighting of SEIFFEN.COM

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1 Schwibbogen mit 1,5 m Schalterleitung (weiß), 1 Ersatzkerze
50 x 32 x 6,5 cm
SEIFFENcom by Nestler GmbH
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)

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Candle arch Seiffener Dorf mit Romy Thiel Children von SEIFFEN.COM by Nestler GmbH aus Seiffen im Erzgebirge

The magic of the Erzgebirge

The Erzgebirge in Germany has been known for centuries for its exquisite craftsmanship. And if there is one time of year, that highlights this craftsmanship, it is undoubtedly the Christmas season. One of the most outstanding products of this region is the Candle Arch, also known as the Light Arch, and no other Candle Arch captures the spirit of the Ore Mountains better than the Candle Arch Seiffen Village with Romy Thiel children by SEIFFEN.COM by Nestler GmbH.

A classic with modern flair

Made by SEIFFENcom by Nestler GmbH, a well-known manufacturer from the spa town of Seiffen in the Ore Mountains, this candle arch is not just a simple light arch. Its classic design with two levels of lighting gives it depth and dimension. Thanks to the electric lighting and the additional indirect lighting in the inner arch, a warm and cozy atmosphere is created.

High-quality materials and precise craftsmanship

Made of domestic woods such as maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden and pine, promises this candle arch durability and quality. The motif of the Seiffen village, complemented by the charming Romy Thiel children's figures, reflects the tradition and charm of the region. This is not just a product,it is a work of art, that was lovingly handcrafted in the heart of Germany.

Technical details, that convince

Equipped with an LED strip in the inner arch and seven fluted candles, this candle arch emits a warm light, that illuminates every corner of your home during Advent. With a voltage of 220-230 V, it is perfect for the European market. And if a candle should fail, a replacement candle is already included.

The perfect gift for the Christmas season

Whether for yourself or as a special gift for a loved one - the Seiffen village candle arch from SEIFFEN.COM by Nestler GmbH is a must for everyone, who appreciates the magic of the Ore Mountains and the Christmas season. With dimensions of 50 x 32 x 7 cm, it will easily find a place in your home and will undoubtedly become the focal point of your Christmas decorations.

Join the many satisfied customers, who have already experienced the quality and beauty of this special candle arch. Let your home shine in new light during Advent and enjoy the magic of the Ore Mountains.

Use of the candle arch in the USA / North America / Japan with 110 V

The candle arch can be operated with a voltage of 230 V as well as 110 V.
Please note, that for the connection of this article abroad (Japan / North America) a plug adapter is necessary. Likewise, the illuminant must be adapted in the number of volts. For this arc, therefore, 7 corrugated candles in 19 V are needed. These items are available in our store under accessories and lighting. We are also happy to rebuild the arc for you in our house and charge a service fee of 25.00 €.


product details

product type:
candle arch | light arch
WEEE Reg.No.:
DE 47118777
SEIFFEN.COM by Nestler - Candle arches village of Seiffen
Seiffener Dorf, Seiffener Dorf mit Romy Thiel Kindern
Advent season, Christmas decoration
place of origin:
Kurort Seiffen | Erzgebirge
country of manufacture:
Deutschland - Made in Germany
candle arch type:
candle arch - electrically illuminated
classic, 2 Beleuchtungsebenen
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)
Original SEIFFEN.COM by Nestler!, Candle arch wit Romy Thiel figures, Handmade from the Erzgebirge / Germany!
Innenbogen: LED Band mit 33 x LED (0,1 W), 7 x Riffelkerzen 34 V (3 W) E10
number of lights:
7 Kerzen
220 - 230 V
1 Schwibbogen mit 1,5 m Schalterleitung (weiß), 1 Ersatzkerze
50 x 32 x 6,5 cm
50,00 cm
32,00 cm
7,00 cm


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