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Craft set smoking man mushroom, 13 cm by SEIFFEN.COM

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1 Bastelset mit 8 Rohteilen
7 x 13 x 7 cm
SEIFFENcom by Nestler GmbH
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)
brown, natural

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Craft set smoking man mushroom of SEIFFEN.COM by Nestler GmbH for individual color design, 13 cm from Seiffen in the Ore Mountains

Experience the Ore Mountains through craftsmanship and design

This craft set smoking man mushroom, made by SEIFFEN.COM by Nestler GmbH, is more than just an ordinary Christmas ornament. It is a piece of Erzgebirge tradition and craftsmanship, made from local woods such as maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden and pine.

Traditional and classic: The perfect decoration for Advent

With its traditional, classic design, this craft set smoking man mushroom is a perfect addition to Advent and Christmas decorations. The natural, brown color gives it an authentic and natural look.

Bastelset Smoking Man Mushroom: Perfect for individualists

The special feature of this smoking figure Bastelset is its individuality. You have the possibility, to design the incense burner figure according to your taste. How about a toadstool or a porcini mushroom? A small ladybug can be placed as the mood takes you. With a height of 13 cm and a width and length of 7 cm each, it offers enough space for creative design ideas.

Handmade from the Ore Mountains: Quality Made in Germany

This craft set smoking man mushroom is not only a great craft set, it is also a testament to the quality of German craftsmanship. Made in Olbernhau in the Ore Mountains, it stands for the handicraft tradition of the region and the seal of quality "Made in Germany".

Complete set for creative lovers

The craft set comes with 8 raw parts and is therefore ideal for creative lovers and craft enthusiasts. The assembly is easy and provides a lot of fun. The required incense candles are small (15 mm) and fit perfectly into the incense burner figure.

Bastelset Smoking man mushroom - a piece of Erzgebirge for your home

Whether as a decoration for the Advent season,as a gift for friends or as a creative project for yourself - the Bastelset Smoking man mushroom of SEIFFEN.COM by Nestler GmbH is a wonderful way, to experience the Erzgebirge tradition and craftsmanship. With its 8 raw parts and the possibility of individual design, tinkering is never boring. Immerse yourself in the world of the Erzgebirge and experience the fascination of handmade smoking figures!


product details

product type:
incense smoker, incense smoking figure
Bastelset Räuchermännchen Pilz
Christmas decoration, Advent season
place of origin:
Olbernhau | Erzgebirge
country of manufacture:
Deutschland - Made in Germany
novelty year:
figure type:
craft set
traditional, classic
brown, natural
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)
Local wood!, Handmade from the Erzgebirge / Germany!
incense cone size:
small (15 mm)
1 Bastelset mit 8 Rohteilen
7 x 13 x 7 cm
0,135 Kg
7,00 cm
13,00 cm
7,00 cm


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