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Nutcracker soldier, 30 cm by Christian Ulbricht

Nutcracker soldier, 30 cm by Christian Ulbricht
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1 Nutcracker
10 x 30 x 8 cm
Christian Ulbricht
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)
colored glaze

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Nutcracker Soldier in Blue: Classic Christmas art from the Erzgebirge

A masterpiece by Christian Ulbricht

The Nutcracker Soldier in Blue by Christian Ulbricht from Seiffen in the Erzgebirge is a prime example of traditional craftsmanship. With a height of 30 cm and a classic, colorful glazed design, this figure brings the festive mood of the Advent season and Christmas decorations into every home. Made in Germany, this nutcracker stands for quality and authentic craftsmanship.

A traditional soldier for the Christmas season

Nutcrackers have been an integral part of Christmas customs and decorations in the Ore Mountains for centuries. They not only serve as a decorative element, but also symbolize protection and strength. The Nutcracker Soldier in Blue by Christian Ulbricht combines these traditional values with an appealing, colorful design, that will delight both children and adults.

High-quality materials and careful craftsmanship

Made from local woods, the nutcracker soldier impresses with its high quality and durability. Every detail is painstakingly crafted by hand, which underlines the uniqueness and charm of each figure. The colorful glazed surface gives the nutcracker an elegant yet robust appearance. He cuts a fine figure in his stately uniform. The helmet with feather, the golden accents on the uniform and the long bayonet give him the necessary charisma.

A festive highlight for Christmas decorations

This nutcracker is specially designed for the Advent-and Christmas season and is ideal as a decorative element for indoor use. With its classic design and loving details, the Soldier Nutcracker brings a nostalgic and festive atmosphere into every home. It is not only an eye-catcher, but also a symbol of Christmas joy and coziness.

An original from Christian Ulbricht

As an original product from Christian Ulbricht, the Nutcracker Soldier embodies the traditional craftsmanship of the Erzgebirge. Made in Seiffen, it guarantees the highest quality and authentic workmanship. This figurine is not only a decorative highlight, but also a valuable collector's item, that represents the culture and history of the Erzgebirge in an artistic way.

The perfect gift for lovers of folk art

The Nutcracker Soldier in Blue is an ideal gift for lovers of traditional Christmas decorations and Erzgebirge folk art. It combines the classic elements of Christmas traditions with a unique and elegant design, that will delight young and old alike. This figurine brings the magic of Christmas into every home and is a special piece of craftsmanship, that brings joy year after year.
The Nutcracker Soldier in Blue by Christian Ulbricht is more than just a festive decoration. It is a symbol of the vibrant craftsmanship and festive traditions of the Ore Mountains, that enriches the Christmas season in a charming and unique way.


product details

product type:
Ulbricht - nutcrackers small
Advent season, Christmas decoration
country of manufacture:
Deutschland – Made in Germany
place of origin:
Kurort Seiffen | Erzgebirge
figure type:
Christmas decoration
colored glaze
native woods (maple, beech, alder, ash, spruce, linden, pine)
Handmade from the Erzgebirge / Germany!, Original Christian Ulbricht!
1 Nutcracker
10 x 30 x 8 cm
10,00 cm
30,00 cm
8,00 cm


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