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SudoMix - The tricky Sudoku puzzle by Ebert GmbH

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1 Legespiel SudoMix
18 x 4 x 10 cm
Holzspielwaren Ebert
local beech wood

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SudoMix - The tricky Sudoku puzzle for young and old

SudoMix is a unique puzzle game, that takes the classic elements of Sudoku and turns them into an exciting and challenging game.Suitable for players aged 8 to 88, SudoMix not only offers an entertaining pastime, but also promotes visual perception, logical thinking and combination skills. Manufactured by Erzgebirgische Holzspielwaren Ebert GmbH in Olbernhau, Erzgebirge, this game stands for the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship.

What is SudoMix - The tricky Sudoku puzzle?

SudoMix consists of nine cards,each 9 x 9 cm in size,each containing nine different symbols. The challenge is, to combine these cards into a square, so that each symbol appears only once in each row and column. This principle is reminiscent of the rules of classic Sudoku, butbecomes a new and engaging experience through the use of symbols and physical interaction with the cards.

Benefits of SudoMix - Sudoku

Playing SudoMix offers numerous benefits for mental development and cognitive health. Playing this laying game regularly trains important skills such as visual perception, logical thinking and the ability to combine. These skills are not only important for children, but also for adults,who want to maintain or improve their mental fitness.

In addition, SudoMix promotes concentration and three - dimensional thinking, as the players have to rearrange the cards again and again and try out different solutions. This makes SudoMix an ideal educational game, that is both fun and educational.

Traditional craftsmanship from the Erzgebirge

SudoMix is manufactured by Erzgebirgische Holzspielwaren Ebert GmbH in Olbernhau, Erzgebirge. This company is known for its high - quality wooden toys, which are traditionally handcrafted. The game is made of local beech wood and has a classic, natural design. The types of wood used, lacquers and paints are water -based, are solvent - free and tested for harmful substances. They comply with the toy directive EN 71, which ensures additional safety and quality.

Product details and safety

SudoMix is an educational game that can be used all year round and appeals not only to children, but also to adults. The game is available in a handy size of 18 cm wide, 4 cm high and 10 cm long and weighs 0.46 kg, which makes it easy to transport and store. However, due to the small pieces, the game is not suitable for children under 3 years,as there is a choking hazard.

An ideal gift for any occasion- SudoMix - The tricky Sudoku puzzle

SudoMix is a perfect gift for family and friends. It's great for birthdays, Christmas or just as a special treat in between. The game not only provides hours of entertainment, but also a valuable opportunity, to spend time together while developing mental skills. Whether for children, who want to learn through play, or for adults, who are looking for a new challenge - SudoMix is the ideal choice.

Our conclusion: SudoMix- The tricky Sudoku puzzle - A game for all generations

SudoMix combines the timeless fascination of Sudoku with the traditional craftsmanship of the Ore Mountains to create a unique and challenging puzzle game. It promotes important cognitive skills while providing hours of fun.Made from high - quality beech wood and crafted with the utmost care, SudoMix is a product, you can rely on.

Whether as an educational game for children, as a demanding challenge for adults or as a shared activity for the whole family - SudoMix enriches every play situation. Trust in the quality and craftsmanship of Erzgebirgische Holzspielwaren Ebert GmbH and experience, how much fun and benefit this special game can bring. Bring SudoMix home and immerse yourself in the world of logic and combination fun.


product details

product type:
educational game
Ebert - educational games
Legespiel SudoMix
all year round
concentration, sensors, mathematics, 3 dimensional thinking
minimum age:
ab 3 Jahren
place of origin:
Olbernhau | Erzgebirge
country of manufacture:
Deutschland - Made in Germany
local beech wood
Original Ebert GmbH!, Handmade from the Erzgebirge / Germany!
safety notice:
Wood, varnish and paint are water-based, solvent-free and tested for harmful substances, they comply with the toy directive EN 71., Not suitable for children under 3 years!
0,46 kg
1 Legespiel SudoMix
18 x 4 x 10 cm
18,00 cm
4,00 cm
10,00 cm


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